Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flower Crown Tutorial

As you have probably noticed from my outfit posts, flower crowns are truly my favorite accessory. I love the instant girlyness/awesomeness that they add to any outfit. I recently bought these white flowers at Hobby Lobby to make a new white flower crown since my other white one is the kind that the flowers point towards the sky, when I prefer that they point forward. So, since I was going to be making one anyways, I thought I would try my hand at a tutorial. Here we go in 3..2..1...

What you need:
1. Flower Wire 
2. Flower Tape
3. Pliers? Sheers? Wire Cutters? The pink thing on the left.
4. Flowers (I prefer the "realistic look and feel" type, but any will work!)

Step One: 

Pull out a piece of wire long enough to fit around the part of your head where your crown will go. I usually start back behind my hairline a bit, but I've made some that start closer and they look good as well! It all just depends on how much hair you want to show in front of your flower crown when you wear it.

Step Two:

Continue to wrap the wire around your head until you get several layers. I usually aim for three times around my head to ensure a good fit.

Step Three: 

Remove the wire from your head, and you should have something that looks like this.

 Step Four:

Cut the wire, and wrap the ends around to keep all of the strands together.

 Step Five:

Wrap around the "ends" section with floral tape. It prevents you from being stuck by any pesky wire ends, which is good. Very good.

 Step Six:

Take the "flower cutting tool", and cut the flower about two or three inches down the stem.

Step Seven:

Do this for all of the flowers, and you should have a something that looks like this.

 Step Eight:

Cut a piece of wire about four inches long. I've never actually measured, but I assume it is about that much.

 Step Nine:

Take that piece of wire and wrap it around the stem of the flower, and the headband wire piece to connect the two. Wind it tightly until your flower is secure.

 Step Ten:

Continue to do this for all of the flowers.

 Once you have connected all your flowers, this should be your end result! This is a very basic crown, but the same concept is used when you want to add multiple types of flowers. The next step is just to place it on your head (bobby pins are usually needed due to my fine and thin hair texture bleh!) and wear it out. If you make one, do send me pictures! And show me how you styled it as well! I'd love to see :)

t-shirt: walmart, petticoat: american apparel, socks: forever 21

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wintery Mix

top and leggings: forever 21, sweater: ann taylor, boots: asos

 Oh my goodness, the temperature outside! I literally had to let my hands thaw out before typing this. I know the South is definitely not experiencing the worst of this polar vortex, but us Tennesseans are not used to 15 degrees weather. It also has left me in quite a clothing shock, as I really don't own proper clothes for these temperatures. Plus, it's very tempting to stay completely wrapped up in a blanket and not look even the least bit chic. Could the Snuggie become a fashion trend now? Please? So, between the inches of rain, little bit of snow, and a whole lot of ice, I layered a denim button up, polka dot sweater, and ankle boots. Just like a wintery mix. (Plus, the denim, sweater, and leather combo has me asking "Am I Alexa yet?!")

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Just some random moments I captured during this past week:

1. The view from my living room of the sky at dusk.
2. Early Saturday morning spent admiring the awesomeness of Alexa Chung.
3. The vintage coat gifted to me by my Aunt.
4. Dancing, stretching, dreaming.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

One for the Road

 top and flower crown: myself, jacket: forever 21, shorts: american apparel, boots: asos 
Is there a single outfit that a good leather jacket can't instantly make cool? Even with an ultra femme flower crown and lace top I feel a bit more swag when I add the leather jacket. I'm especially happy to be wearing this one today, as I found it on clearance at Forever 21 just yesterday. As soon as I slipped it on my friend Andi said "it's very Alex Turner", and with that, I headed to the cash register. If you're unsure why those simple words would confirm the necessity of me buying it, then please, allow me to leave you with One for the Road...