Monday, January 6, 2014

Wintery Mix

top and leggings: forever 21, sweater: ann taylor, boots: asos

 Oh my goodness, the temperature outside! I literally had to let my hands thaw out before typing this. I know the South is definitely not experiencing the worst of this polar vortex, but us Tennesseans are not used to 15 degrees weather. It also has left me in quite a clothing shock, as I really don't own proper clothes for these temperatures. Plus, it's very tempting to stay completely wrapped up in a blanket and not look even the least bit chic. Could the Snuggie become a fashion trend now? Please? So, between the inches of rain, little bit of snow, and a whole lot of ice, I layered a denim button up, polka dot sweater, and ankle boots. Just like a wintery mix. (Plus, the denim, sweater, and leather combo has me asking "Am I Alexa yet?!")


  1. Very cute outfit! It is verrrry cold haha

  2. cute sweater dear :D


  3. That sweater is just so adorable! I love the jean shirt underneath - so perfect!