Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

all pictures from tumblr

Happy New Year's Eve! I can't believe it's here already! It seems like just a month or two ago I was sitting around a campfire and ringing in 2013. My, how time flies. I have huge hopes for 2014 though, and even bigger plans. I have so much that I've been working on that I will be able to watch come to life during this new year, and I simply can't wait! Plus, 2014 is an even number so we're off to a good start already! Anyways, while I have huge plans for 2014, I also have a few resolutions.
 1. To update my phone to iOS7. Hard right? I don't know how I'll ever stick to it... haha! Seriously though, my second resolution is to travel! I actually shouldn't call this a new year's resolution, but a life resolution. I haven't seen nearly enough of this world, and I've just gotten to the point where I've decided I'm not going to sit idly by and let anymore time pass with me wishing I was somewhere. It seems I've caught the wanderlust bug, and  believe it's only for the best.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


sweater: target, top, leggings, boots: forever 21, skirt: american apparel

And with this sweater, my obsession with bows continues. Not to mention how little and fluffy they are! (Insert excited girl shriek here.) While I was screaming over the cuteness of the bows, my peter pan collar top from my last post was screaming at me to be paired underneath. Then add a pink chiffon circle skirt, and randomly ankle boots, because my oxfords just didn't look quite right.

I'm also excited to mention that these pictures were taken with my brand new camera! I have switched to the Cannon Rebel SL1, and I already love it dearly. I'm still playing around with it's many cool features, and I love the quality of the pictures it takes. Shame on me for standing in poor quality light for these pictures (and not to mention my editing...), it really doesn't do this camera justice. Anyways, I'm excited to see more from this little baby.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Black and Lace

leggings and top: forever 21, sweater and shoes: old navy

Is it just me, or does anyone else have the weird post Christmas blues? There's so much anticipation for that one day, and then after it passes I always feel a bit "what-now-ish". With that said, Christmas was great though! My sister is in town again so I got to spend time with her, as well as with some cousins that I don't see nearly enough. Do I even need to mention my sugar intake over those days? Cookies. Cake. Yes. Just call me Santa Claus.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silk and Tulle

Silk and Tulle

A rainy Sunday afternoon is sometimes just the thing I need. It's the perfect opportunity to curl up with a cup of coffee, my dog, and a good book, spin some of my favorite records, catch up on up some work, and play on Polyvore. This of course is exactly what led to me creating this casual/classy outfit set. I know that underwear as outerwear is pretty much a trend that has passed, but I still love it, and I firmly believe that if done correctly even a passed trend can evolve into a lasting style. If you are still creating something beautiful from it, then it can't be bad can it? Anyways, I still love wearing feminine pieces with chunky sweaters, and if I had somewhere fancy to go, then I would happily wear the classy version of this outfit as well!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rose Sweater

sweater: target, dress (worn as skirt) & tights: forever 21, booties: ruche

I love pairing a cozy sweater with other soft fabrics like tulle and chiffon. First of all, it's super cozy! Secondly, it just makes me feel pretty, and leaves me imagining that every step I take is more like floating or dancing. The new vintagey rose printed sweater I got from Target recently makes this version of the outfit one of my very favorites. It's a little bit Granny, and a little bit whimsy, just the way I like it.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I know this is a fashion blog that I run here on Stylish Silhouettes, but I just graduated from college on Saturday, and felt that that was worthy of an update. I for one am pretty excited about it, I mean a have a degree, like whaaaaaaaat?! It is bittersweet as well though, because I know I won't be seeing as much of some of the wonderful people that I have grown to know over the years. Overall though I'm VERY excited to begin pursuing my dreams full time.

By the way, I'm referencing The Breakfast Club with this fist pump picture as it was my "final scene" of college, and The Breakfast Club's final scene is of course an epic fist pump, so it only seemed fitting. It's lame I know, but I've found it looks much cooler if you sing DON"T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME very loudly as you stare at the picture. Ok, I'm done being weird now. I'll return with fashion tomorrow.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunny Afternoon

top: charlotte russe, skirt: urban outfitters, tights: calvin klein, necklace: vintage

Lace + Floral = Perfection, especially when one of those are in the form of a circle skirt like this one. I would just like to personally thank Urban Outfitters for creating such a pretty and comfortable skirt that I can wear over and over again. This is actually it's second time appearing on the blog, as I paired it with stripes some time ago in this post. 

In other news, tomorrow is the day that I officially graduate from college! I can't explain how relieved I am to be finished with studying, homework, and exams. Finally, I have more time to focus my attention on much more important things. That may or may not include sunny afternoon dance sessions while spinning Lana... you spin me 'round like a ballerina....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secret Garden

dress and boots: asos, socks: target

Say hello to my newest piece (pieces actually) of loveliness from Asos! I had a complete AHH! moment the second I saw this dress. It just looks so secret garden like with the beautiful embroidered flowers and sweet peter pan collar that I couldn't resist it! It's so rare to find a piece that is just as easily pretty as it is cool, and this dress fulfills both of those!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fox Sweater

sweater and shoes: old navy, leggings and bow: forever 21

 This may not be my most stylish outfit, but it's definitely one of my most comfortable! It's been exam week at school, and I've just been consumed with studying and working. Anything with a cute fox on it is sure to brighten my day though!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Polka Dot Shorts

top: forever 21, shorts: made by me, socks: urban outfitters

Let me again start with an apology for such bleh quality pictures! It's been raining so much here lately it's been hard for me to be able to get outside and take some in good lighting. I always am hoping that the natural lighting from the window will be enough, but it always just leaves the pictures looking super grainy. You can still see the outfit, however, which is the most important part. I know I've been wearing the black knee socks out ya'll, and I'm sorry, I just love them with anything and everything in the winter time! Plus, I can't quit hearing Alex Turner's voice singing "when you walked around the house wearing my sky blue Lacoste and your knee socks..."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

top: old navy, skirt:charlotte russe, socks: urban outfitters, tights and jewelry: forever 21

It's December 1st ya'll, so it only seemed appropriate that I bust out the flannel! To me, flannel shirts give off the typical outdoorsy/lumberjack vibe, so I love pairing them with sparkly jewelry and girly skirts! Although, for the rest of my homework (and maybe some grocery shopping) filled afternoon  I've changed from the skirt, knee socks, and oxfords, into leggings, combat boots, and a chunky sweater for a more casual look. 
Anyways, December is going to be a busy month for me! I'm graduating, completing the pieces for my clothing line, still working, and not to mention all the wonderful craziness that comes with Christmas! Thank goodness for coffee!