Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buttoned Up

top: forever 21, shorts: me, shoes: old navy

Well, I'm back in black, and my polka dot lace trimmed shorts. I know it's a simple outfit, but it's one that's actually cool enough to stand the heat and humidity that comes between summer storms. I don't mean that to sound complainy though, I actually enjoy a good thunderstorm. I can remember being a little kid standing in my pajamas at my Mom's old screen door on warm summer nights letting my hair tangle in the wind as I watched the different lightning patterns flash across the sky. I've always thought lightning was it's own kind of beautiful. It always finds a way to sparkle during a storm.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sugar and Stripes

shirt: forever 21, skirt: h&m, socks: topshop, shoes: cole hann

If there's one thing a hot summer day is, it's an invitation to visit your local ice cream parlor. This also happens to be an invitation that I just can not decline, in fact I'm pretty much RSVP'ing for every day that I can. Not only does an ice cream cone taste absolutely delicious, but it happens to look really pretty paired with sugary pastels and frilly socks. Oh, LOL at the lengths I go to to try and justify my dessert cravings.

In other news, what about that beautiful Music Midtown line up announced the other day?! Lana. Jack. Lorde. Iggy. I die! And so begins my countdown to September...

Sunday, June 22, 2014


top: wal mart (from way back in the day), skirt: target, hat: levi's

If you asked me for a list of all the places I want to visit, I would just spin the globe. However, if you asked me to narrow it to my top 10, you would find France listed there (somewhere behind Australia and New Zealand which are my real real top!). Often times when my wanderlust levels are at their highest I begin daydreaming of the places I want to go, and in turn dressing as if I'm there. Where am I going in this outfit? Straight to the french countryside, or better said, campagne.

As far as the outfit goes, I actually bought this shirt forever ago when Miley Cyrus did a collection for Wal-Mart. So, maybe I could go ahead and call it vintage?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Strawberry Fields

shortalls and bandana: levis, top: me, shoes: aldo

Having been raised in the South, where overalls are a wardrobe staple rather than a trend, I know how to spot a good pair when I see one. This is exactly what happened when I was scrolling through Levi's website the other day and happened up on these little shortalls. Not to mention, the color of this pair was named "rock and rose", which was pretty much a sign to me that I needed to have them. With a fitted design and decorative rips, they're clearly too cute for being worn in the fields...that is unless you went out there to take pictures for your fashion blog. Anyways, I definitely forsee myself wearing these quite often this summer. Tbh, I've already started planning out how I want to style them next.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


top, shorts, sunglasses: forever 21, shoes: ebay

I'm forever being inspired by characters from movies, songs, and books. Including of course, Lolita. Her character always takes my thoughts to long summer days flecked with nostalgia for past eras and stories that aren't even mine to relive. That's something I tried to en capture through this outfit, and these pictures. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to do my hair up in milkbraids, which is always more fun for me then it probably should be. Let's be honest though, it's Autumn who really makes this whole post. Her fluffy white fur and happily wagging tail could surely make anyone smile. That, folks, is natural beauty. 

As for my outfit, Forever 21 is currently rocking my world. I found the top, shorts, and sunglasses all on a very impromptu "I'm just looking" shopping trip. My "well, while I'm here" passing-through turned piece by piece into "I need this outfit on my body!" all beginning with that pretty red shirt. It has ruffles and flowers. I couldn't resist. My excitement grows even more at the sight of the black high waisted shorts, and then tops the charts with finding a retro looking pair of sunnies. Pair them all together, "and the rest is rust and stardust."

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Simple Summer

 vest: old navy, dress: forever 21, shoes: forever 21, hat: vintage

One of the reasons people look forward to summer, is because of the simplicity that comes along with it. Often times, the opening of the season means the closing of school, the beginning of vacations, and longer days that help make all the "going" we do just a little bit easier. Occasionally, the easiness of summer days translate over to my outfits. Bits of denim, lace, and tulle paired with a straw hat and pretty sandals are one of the prettiest, and easiest looks to catch a southern breeze in.