Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sugar and Stripes

shirt: forever 21, skirt: h&m, socks: topshop, shoes: cole hann

If there's one thing a hot summer day is, it's an invitation to visit your local ice cream parlor. This also happens to be an invitation that I just can not decline, in fact I'm pretty much RSVP'ing for every day that I can. Not only does an ice cream cone taste absolutely delicious, but it happens to look really pretty paired with sugary pastels and frilly socks. Oh, LOL at the lengths I go to to try and justify my dessert cravings.

In other news, what about that beautiful Music Midtown line up announced the other day?! Lana. Jack. Lorde. Iggy. I die! And so begins my countdown to September...


  1. Yeah, I wish I was going to Music Midtown! I love Atlanta, but there is no room in the budget this time. Still seeing Jack White in Louisville though, so yay! Ice cream with candy colors is so fun! I am really, really jealous of those socks.

  2. so cute, lovely skirt <33

    muchos besos y abrazos
    ~ TheGrisGirl ~

  3. I seriously need a skirt like yours, so cute! Really loving you blog xx