Monday, April 28, 2014

On the Run

If you've been reading my blog very much at all, you've probably noticed that my style is heavily influenced by the music I listen to, which is exactly why there is a music video linked at the bottom of every post. You also have probably noticed my admiration for the one and only Jay Z (exhibit A). So, you can only imagine my excitement when Jay Z and Beyonce (heyyyyyyy Mrs. Carter!) announced a joint tour this morning. You can be sure that I will be one of those people hunched over at my computer and repeatedly pressing "Find Tickets" all while pleading with Ticketmaster "Hurry! Please! Please! Please!" Anyways, in honor of this fabulous news, I've compiled a playlist of songs that the two have done together. "Down to ride to the very end....."
Beyonce and Jay Z by Desirae Smith on Grooveshark


Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Bit of a Mess

shirt: old navy, dress: la class, shoes: converse

I'm back! I honestly didn't intend to be gone for 5 days, but this week has literally been one thing after another, beginning with my tripod breaking, which of course hurts things since that's what I use to take my pictures. Then, my car got backed into, which always comes with a list of annoyances (police, insurance, money, getting it fixed, the "he said she said", etc.) Lastly, today as I finished taking my pictures I realized I had locked my keys, phone, and wallet all in my car, which led to me having to walk 2.5 miles to my apartment and hanging around until my roommate came home to let me in and borrow her phone to call for my spare key. Not to mention, on my walk back I passed the people who told me to leave from taking pictures on the sidewalk a few weeks back in my "No Good" post. Awkward. Sometimes, I think I should start selling some of my life stories to sitcom writers looking for more material. All the way home though, I was thinking how glad I was that I dressed rather tomboyish today in an over sized t-shirt and converses. (I would've hated to have made that walk in heels or something!) I know it's kind of a lazy outfit, but I still think it's kinda cute. It might not be the most stylish outfit, but I still kind of admire its thrown together look. Well, I guess it's safe to say, that this week and this outfit are a bit of a mess.

(I realize this post is full of negativity, and I truly apologize. It's really not the outlook that I normally have, it's just that so many things have been building up and I am somewhat venting about pieces of them here. I know these are good problems to have compared to what many other have experienced this week, and I really should be, and am, grateful for that. Anyways, I send good vibes to anyone who is reading this! )

Enjoy some Charli XCX, she seems like a cool girl.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunlight Adventurer

blouse: urban outfitters, skirt: forever 21, socks: american apparel, shoes: aldo, hat: vintage

Reflecting on these photos from my weekend has me longing to take a work break and get back out in the sunshine. My sister, Natalie, got out of school  early for the holiday weekend, so she came home to visit, which of course means I headed out to my Mom's to see her. After a lunch of ham, vegetables, and catching up, Autumn and I took to the woods. Gazing up at the heights of standing trees and balancing on fallen ones soon turned into wading barefoot into the lake (or an all out swim in Autumn's case) and watching the sun's reflection dance on top of the water, then heading back up to the house to visit a little longer before ending my night with the latest Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley (and a fair amount of caramel filled chocolate bunnies).

So, I know I just wore these socks in my last post, but I couldn't help but end up using them again with this outfit. They just seemed to go so perfectly with a sheer blouse, a flowy floral print skirt, oxfords, and my Granny's old straw hat. Whuddup springtime. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Chiffon

blouse: target, skirt and socks: american apparel, shoes: aldo

Chiffon is one of my most favorite fabrics. It's horrible to sew, but wonderful to wear. A chiffon skirt like this one from American Apparel is a hard item for me to pass up when I see it. I will admit that's because it reminds me of my ballet cover ups. I'm just kind of a sucker for anything pretty and flowy anyway. Paired with ruffle socks and oxfords, you get a cute spring look...even if it didn't photograph well today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

West Coast

 jacket and boots: forever 21,  jeans: abercrombie & fitch, t-shirt: american apparel

"Down on the west coast they got a sayin'..." are the words that have been running through my mind the past two days. I'm sure this doesn't even need to said, but those are of course the beginning lyrics in Lana del Rey's new single "West Coast". Lana always manages to make the most captivating music. I swear, I can switch from "Ride", to "National Anthem", to "American", and each time be entranced by the music/lyrics, and I'm left feeling like I am the person in the song, or at least want to be. This new single is no different. From the moment it begins I already feel caught up in its mix of reggae and smooth guitar. Then when it slows down, well, "oh baby, oh baby, I'm in love."

I know I've mentioned several times how Lana is a huge influence on my personal style, and that proves true again in this post. Right after my first listen to "West Coast" my immediate thoughts were "Ok, where is my leather jacket?". Add a white v-neck, jeans, and leather boots to finish the main look. Then honestly, it is probably best accessorized with a bottle of Jack, a pack of cigarettes, and sea salt in your hair. 

I'm sure its more than clear that today's song at the end of the post is "West Coast". Go ahead and get lost in it already.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tennessee Rose

As I'm sure you've already noticed, things look a little different around here today. I have put the blog through a bit of re-branding, or I've given it proper branding maybe I should say. What was once Stylish Silhouettes, is now Tennessee Rose. Why? Well, for several reasons. 
First, I was never really in love with the name "Stylish Silhouettes". I just thought it was a cute play on words that I came up with, and well I do think the word silhouette is pretty, but in the end it just didn't seem to fit me, or my blog very well. Plus, you have to admit it was kind of hard to say! 
Secondly, Tennessee is where I was born, and raised. It's where I've made my good decisions, my mistakes, myself into who I am today, and learned who I want to be. While I don't plan on living only here forever, this is where my roots are, this is my home state, and this beautiful, beautiful place will always have a hold on a very special part of my heart.
Thirdly, the flower, the Rose, has always been one that intrigues me. It's so pretty, sweet, and lovely, yet it guards it's self with sharp thorns, proving that it's more than just it's beauty, but that it's also strong, tough, resilient, smart, and potentially dangerous. This flower has spent years evoking emotions from humans. Taking their breath away, making them smile, swoon, console their tears, and even express their pain. It's colors mean anything from "enchantment", "grace", "unity", and "friendship", to "desire", "fascination", "mourning", and "I'll remember; always". (I once worked at a flower shop and found myself happily studying the meanings of flowers). The rose is an admirable flower. No wonder it's the one I most often find myself using to form flower crowns out of.
All in all, a Tennessee Rose is something I sure wouldn't mind being.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lacey Layers

t-shirt: walmart,shorts: alythea, lace shorts: forever 21, shoes: cole haan

  It's rather well known that the best way to transition from one season to another in through layers. Granted, I'm actually not wearing that many layers today (mostly because it was so wonderfully warm!) , but I did break out my lace biker shorts to go underneath my chiffon floral pair. My lace biker shorts are actually one of my favorite items to wear during the spring, so you'll probably be seeing them again. Maybe peeking out from under denim shorts or a mini dress, or maybe just beneath an oversized t-shirt. Either way I think they're the perfect option to add a little girliness to any outfit.

Also, I should apologize for my constant squinting in all of these pictures. I was about 10 minutes too early for the golden hour, but also too stubborn to wait, which really turned out to be mistake as reflected in my pictures.

Monday, April 7, 2014

floral and fox

sweater: old navy, skirt: free people, socks and bow: forever 21, shoes: aldo

 Is there a better outfit to wear on a Sunday afternoon stroll through the woods than a sweet fox sweater paired with a floral skirt, lace socks, and a pair of brogues? I feel like it has just the perfect amount of whimsy to go from the city streets to the forest floor, which is exactly what my day consisted of. After having lunch downtown, I went out to my Mom's house for a visit, which is always the perfect getaway. After 30 minutes on the highway, it takes about 15 minutes worth of winding and twisting through back roads until you finally reach her house. I'll be the first to admit that I love driving out there. Since I moved out I don't get to visit those roads every day like I used to, and while I love the convenience of living downtown 5 minutes from everything, there's something soothing about driving through those curvy back roads out into the country that gets me every time. Not to mention, it's definitely beautiful, especially in the fall. Anyways, after popping in the house to grab a handful of M&M's, Autumn, and I headed out back to get lost in the woods, as usual.

When Chris Thile covers The Strokes, you listen.