Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lacey Layers

t-shirt: walmart,shorts: alythea, lace shorts: forever 21, shoes: cole haan

  It's rather well known that the best way to transition from one season to another in through layers. Granted, I'm actually not wearing that many layers today (mostly because it was so wonderfully warm!) , but I did break out my lace biker shorts to go underneath my chiffon floral pair. My lace biker shorts are actually one of my favorite items to wear during the spring, so you'll probably be seeing them again. Maybe peeking out from under denim shorts or a mini dress, or maybe just beneath an oversized t-shirt. Either way I think they're the perfect option to add a little girliness to any outfit.

Also, I should apologize for my constant squinting in all of these pictures. I was about 10 minutes too early for the golden hour, but also too stubborn to wait, which really turned out to be mistake as reflected in my pictures.


  1. Such a creative look, so cute and look at those adorable oxfords!

  2. So cute! Can't wait to see what other things you'll pair those biker shorts with! Really original concept...

    Love your brogues, too!

    And don't worry, the photos turned out wonderful!