Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tennessee Rose

As I'm sure you've already noticed, things look a little different around here today. I have put the blog through a bit of re-branding, or I've given it proper branding maybe I should say. What was once Stylish Silhouettes, is now Tennessee Rose. Why? Well, for several reasons. 
First, I was never really in love with the name "Stylish Silhouettes". I just thought it was a cute play on words that I came up with, and well I do think the word silhouette is pretty, but in the end it just didn't seem to fit me, or my blog very well. Plus, you have to admit it was kind of hard to say! 
Secondly, Tennessee is where I was born, and raised. It's where I've made my good decisions, my mistakes, myself into who I am today, and learned who I want to be. While I don't plan on living only here forever, this is where my roots are, this is my home state, and this beautiful, beautiful place will always have a hold on a very special part of my heart.
Thirdly, the flower, the Rose, has always been one that intrigues me. It's so pretty, sweet, and lovely, yet it guards it's self with sharp thorns, proving that it's more than just it's beauty, but that it's also strong, tough, resilient, smart, and potentially dangerous. This flower has spent years evoking emotions from humans. Taking their breath away, making them smile, swoon, console their tears, and even express their pain. It's colors mean anything from "enchantment", "grace", "unity", and "friendship", to "desire", "fascination", "mourning", and "I'll remember; always". (I once worked at a flower shop and found myself happily studying the meanings of flowers). The rose is an admirable flower. No wonder it's the one I most often find myself using to form flower crowns out of.
All in all, a Tennessee Rose is something I sure wouldn't mind being.



  1. I definitely love the name change. I grew in Alabama, and nothing will ever change those Southern roots...

  2. Good name change! Cheering You On!