Monday, April 28, 2014

On the Run

If you've been reading my blog very much at all, you've probably noticed that my style is heavily influenced by the music I listen to, which is exactly why there is a music video linked at the bottom of every post. You also have probably noticed my admiration for the one and only Jay Z (exhibit A). So, you can only imagine my excitement when Jay Z and Beyonce (heyyyyyyy Mrs. Carter!) announced a joint tour this morning. You can be sure that I will be one of those people hunched over at my computer and repeatedly pressing "Find Tickets" all while pleading with Ticketmaster "Hurry! Please! Please! Please!" Anyways, in honor of this fabulous news, I've compiled a playlist of songs that the two have done together. "Down to ride to the very end....."
Beyonce and Jay Z by Desirae Smith on Grooveshark


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