Monday, April 7, 2014

floral and fox

sweater: old navy, skirt: free people, socks and bow: forever 21, shoes: aldo

 Is there a better outfit to wear on a Sunday afternoon stroll through the woods than a sweet fox sweater paired with a floral skirt, lace socks, and a pair of brogues? I feel like it has just the perfect amount of whimsy to go from the city streets to the forest floor, which is exactly what my day consisted of. After having lunch downtown, I went out to my Mom's house for a visit, which is always the perfect getaway. After 30 minutes on the highway, it takes about 15 minutes worth of winding and twisting through back roads until you finally reach her house. I'll be the first to admit that I love driving out there. Since I moved out I don't get to visit those roads every day like I used to, and while I love the convenience of living downtown 5 minutes from everything, there's something soothing about driving through those curvy back roads out into the country that gets me every time. Not to mention, it's definitely beautiful, especially in the fall. Anyways, after popping in the house to grab a handful of M&M's, Autumn, and I headed out back to get lost in the woods, as usual.

When Chris Thile covers The Strokes, you listen.



  1. Love your brogues! These photos are beyond cute! It looks so pretty there!


  2. Beautiful combination. Thank you for sharing such a lovely Sunday.