Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunlight Adventurer

blouse: urban outfitters, skirt: forever 21, socks: american apparel, shoes: aldo, hat: vintage

Reflecting on these photos from my weekend has me longing to take a work break and get back out in the sunshine. My sister, Natalie, got out of school  early for the holiday weekend, so she came home to visit, which of course means I headed out to my Mom's to see her. After a lunch of ham, vegetables, and catching up, Autumn and I took to the woods. Gazing up at the heights of standing trees and balancing on fallen ones soon turned into wading barefoot into the lake (or an all out swim in Autumn's case) and watching the sun's reflection dance on top of the water, then heading back up to the house to visit a little longer before ending my night with the latest Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley (and a fair amount of caramel filled chocolate bunnies).

So, I know I just wore these socks in my last post, but I couldn't help but end up using them again with this outfit. They just seemed to go so perfectly with a sheer blouse, a flowy floral print skirt, oxfords, and my Granny's old straw hat. Whuddup springtime. 


  1. Love this little spring outfit. I also love that you love Silicon Valley, haha. My dad lives out there and I can vouch that the show hits very close to home!

  2. dear, you look so fab! love your blog, your photos are all so cute!
    gorgeous outfit, you look chic in anything! :)
    Emma xx

  3. I love your outfit!
    And the location you shot your photos is so pretty!