Sunday, June 15, 2014


top, shorts, sunglasses: forever 21, shoes: ebay

I'm forever being inspired by characters from movies, songs, and books. Including of course, Lolita. Her character always takes my thoughts to long summer days flecked with nostalgia for past eras and stories that aren't even mine to relive. That's something I tried to en capture through this outfit, and these pictures. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to do my hair up in milkbraids, which is always more fun for me then it probably should be. Let's be honest though, it's Autumn who really makes this whole post. Her fluffy white fur and happily wagging tail could surely make anyone smile. That, folks, is natural beauty. 

As for my outfit, Forever 21 is currently rocking my world. I found the top, shorts, and sunglasses all on a very impromptu "I'm just looking" shopping trip. My "well, while I'm here" passing-through turned piece by piece into "I need this outfit on my body!" all beginning with that pretty red shirt. It has ruffles and flowers. I couldn't resist. My excitement grows even more at the sight of the black high waisted shorts, and then tops the charts with finding a retro looking pair of sunnies. Pair them all together, "and the rest is rust and stardust."


  1. Lovely look!
    So cute the top and shoes.
    Have a good Monday!

  2. Oh this is so so so cute. You look great in high waisted shorts!