Monday, June 9, 2014

Retro Daze

 dress: tj maxx, shoes: ebay, glasses: charlotte russe, flower crown: me

Here's to the mornings when you wake up feeling oh so retro. When nothing but oversized sunglasses and a drop waist dress will do, and the sunlight pouring through your window is insisting you get up and out in it. Turns out it was the perfect outfit choice, as I felt like a little urban flower child walking the streets of downtown, and stopping to take these pictures right behind the building I work in. Here's to pink, love, and happiness. Ha!

Btw, notice anything different about my pictures? Maybe they're a bit more clear? (I mean besides the grain I added to them...) Well, that's because I finally got a new lens! The 50mm f/1.8 *insert Biggie's "I got that good good girl, don'tcha know?" here* This is the first round of pictures I've gotten to take with it, and I'm excited to see the ones I'll create with a bit more practice.


  1. You look so free and fun! The dropped waist looks good on you.