Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buttoned Up

top: forever 21, shorts: me, shoes: old navy

Well, I'm back in black, and my polka dot lace trimmed shorts. I know it's a simple outfit, but it's one that's actually cool enough to stand the heat and humidity that comes between summer storms. I don't mean that to sound complainy though, I actually enjoy a good thunderstorm. I can remember being a little kid standing in my pajamas at my Mom's old screen door on warm summer nights letting my hair tangle in the wind as I watched the different lightning patterns flash across the sky. I've always thought lightning was it's own kind of beautiful. It always finds a way to sparkle during a storm.


  1. I also love a good thunderstorm. The wind in my hair, the warm water on my toes, or even just drinking tea and getting cozy indoors. I really like the style of this whole outfit, too.

  2. I love all the lace trims! It's such a pretty look. x

  3. Those shorts are the cutest thing ever.I don't know why, but this outfit makes me feel nostalgic...Nonetheless, this is a pretty outfit.

    Amber Watson,xoxo.