Sunday, December 29, 2013


sweater: target, top, leggings, boots: forever 21, skirt: american apparel

And with this sweater, my obsession with bows continues. Not to mention how little and fluffy they are! (Insert excited girl shriek here.) While I was screaming over the cuteness of the bows, my peter pan collar top from my last post was screaming at me to be paired underneath. Then add a pink chiffon circle skirt, and randomly ankle boots, because my oxfords just didn't look quite right.

I'm also excited to mention that these pictures were taken with my brand new camera! I have switched to the Cannon Rebel SL1, and I already love it dearly. I'm still playing around with it's many cool features, and I love the quality of the pictures it takes. Shame on me for standing in poor quality light for these pictures (and not to mention my editing...), it really doesn't do this camera justice. Anyways, I'm excited to see more from this little baby.

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