Friday, July 11, 2014

Suburbs Siren

shirt: walmart, shorts and bustier: forever 21, shoes: ebay, flower crown: me

The sun shines on the pavement bringing tiny drops of rain with it. She looked up towards the clouds thinking of all the other places that that same sky was over right now. So close her heart could already feel that she was there, but just far enough away that she couldn't yet live it. Just like a mermaid wishing for legs to explore the land, she wished for wings to explore even further. She would get them, she always knew she would. She was stuck in the suburbs, but dreaming of the moment that she would be up in the sky she was staring at now, shifting shapes just like the clouds, and shining bright just like the sun, and landing in a new place just like the raindrops falling all around her. Her day was coming. She was getting closer all the time.

When putting an outfit together I always like to create a story that goes along with what I'm wearing (and often what I'm feeling/thinking/relating to/etc. (though sometimes it's fun to do one completely unlike me, but I mean I can't do that everyday)), and if I'm taking outfit photos I usually try and find a way to tell that story the best that I can. Like an editorial or a lookbook I suppose. For this one I chose to combine pretty much all my favorites, underwear as outerwear, shorts, and a flower crown. (So girly I love it ah!) 

Oh gosh, sorry for all the rambling in this post, I clearly am a bit scatterbrained today.

Also, only 8 more days 'till I leave on that big jet plane! New York, I'm coming for you baby! For a whole 6 days :)

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