Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goody Clean Radiance Update and Giveaway!

Int. Suite - Day
A heap of outfits that "just won't do" lie at her feet in front of the full length mirror. She steps into a shiny pair of black heels and twists from side to side.


As she twists she begins eyeing her look beginning at her shoes and ending at the top of her hair. She runs her brush through one last time before nodding satisfyingly and reaching for her keys.

Err, hope you guys don't mind looking at my mug for a bit because there's quite a few photos of it here. Normally, I try to avoid taking face only self portraits because I have found when I start editing them that I'll notice some "issue" with myself and wind up blowing the whole thing out of proportion  until one night I'm standing in front of the mirror with 50 different creams ready to perform some sort of Princess Diaries type ritual.  Also, because there are much more interesting things to look at such as the clothes I'm wearing or the styling of the photograph. In this case, I was trying to capture my good hair day, and well, face kinda had to go along with it. I mentioned previously in THIS post that I had begun using the Goody Clean Radiance brush and was experiencing very good things. Today I'm back to gush about it a little more...and give you beautiful people a chance to win some major hair swag! If I could reverse the roles right now and see YOUR faces I would like to imagine they are filled with joy. 

After having continuously used the brush from the first time I posted I've noticed even more of an impact that it has made on the (ugh I hate to say this word) greasiness of my hair. Dry shampoo used to be a without fail every day thing for me, but thanks to Clean Radiance I've been able to cut down to using it more like every two days while still keeping  the same fluffiness, or I guess volume is the "proper" word for that. Certainly, I intend to keep it as part of my daily routine forever and ever and everrrrrrrrr. It's you and me until the end, kid. Ride or die.

Now, for the moment we have all been waiting for. Yes, all of us. You get a chance at some bomb a prizes and I get to play Oprah. Today, I have teamed up with Goody and Acorn Influence to bring you the chance to enter 
1. A Chi Straightener and CROC blowdryer (valued at $200)
2. Goody Basket (valued at $100) *2 winners*
3. $25 Walmart Gift Card *25 winners*

Let the angels sing.

Click below to enter, darlings.

Beauty and Glam Giveaway


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