Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Ahead

Ext. Pine Street - Day
Lingering in the bushes she waits quietly for the group of people on the other side to say their goodbye's and disperse. She removes her coat as she feels the first warmth of spring reflect from the stairs to her skin. 

Spring may not officially be here, but I'm welcoming every sign that shows it is on it's way. The last few days have been so nice and sunny I've had motivation to get outside and run besides the fact I need to burn off that pack of Skittles from earlier. The lack of winter winds also means we can comfortably start going tightless again ladies, which is good because I swear I've ripped a hole in every pair I own. My bare shins made their big debut in the classiest way possible with this tulles midi dress from jones + jones. In it, I spun until nauseous and then sat on the stairs of a church down from my apartment to take photos of myself pretending to be a girl waiting on her ride (A white Cadillac that gleamed brightly beneath the sun causing her to squint as it approached). Real talk though I called an Uber to a local taco place where I can say with 100% confidence that I was the best dressed. Go big or go home, right? Speaking as a person who wears a lot of tutu's I've gotta say this one might just be my most comfortable. With a soft long sleeve top and the fluffiest of tulle skirts there's really nothing I couldn't happily do in this dress. Including nap off two shrimp tacos and a mango agua, which is a real thing that happened.

Dress: c/o jones + jones
Coat: Asos
Shoes: Forever 21
Gloves: Aldo

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  1. cute look . your frilly white socks would be adorable with this outfit