Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field of Flowers

shirt: fabled and true, shorts: me (diy from goodwill), shoes: aldo

It's officially my favorite time of the year. The time of year when wildflowers begin to line the roadsides while sunlight and daisies fill any open field in sight. Unable to resist a beautiful day like this, I was quick to pull on a pair of denim cutoffs, my favorite t-shirt, and a pair of brogues to go find some new flowers to fill my vases, as well as my braid. Wildflowers truly are my favorite accessory.

While this outfit fits in perfectly in a field of flowers, it looks just as lovely worn on city streets. I can't tell you the number of times I've thrown it on for lunch, or out to hear some live music downtown. It's equal parts girly and comfy, how could I not wear it out? Literally.


  1. Your brogues are so cute!


  2. So adorable!! :)
    Cool video too!!

  3. perfect shorts!

    x Maria
    New outfit up on my blog
    featuring the perfect high waist shorts

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