Friday, May 30, 2014

The Girl by the Lake

button up: old navy, bustier: forever 21, shorts: thrift store diy, flower crown: me, watch: vintage, shoes: aldo

Blue jeans. White shirt. A combination so perfect that Lana sings about it, and one that wears easily down to the lake for a morning cup of coffee beneath the just risen sun. If only I could take my coffee like that every day! 

You'll have to pardon my harsh jump in conversation, but I just finished binge watching the first season of True Detective, and it's all I can really process right now.  Literally, I'm somewhere between freaked out, happy, and teary eyed. Rust and Marty foreverrrrrrrrrrr! Oh, and also sorry for wearing so much denim lately, it's just really what I've been living in! Can you blame me? 


  1. Everything I see here is perfect!!
    The fashion and the place!

  2. Lovely photos and your outfit is so cute (as always). And yes... Blue jeans and a white shirt is definitely the most perfect combo out there.


  3. Love this outfit, it's a great combination! I'm from England but I've always wanted to visit Tennessee, it looks so beautiful x