Friday, October 24, 2014

Garden of Illusion

top and socks: forever 21, skirt: c/o choies, heels: ebay

"And so she found herself trapped in the Garden of Illusion. Grasping for the real, and running from the fake. Each turn added to the glittering confusion. How could she be dreaming and still be awake?"

I am so into movies/stories that keep you guessing about what's fabled and what's true. Shutter Island, The Secret Window, Khaleesi in the House of the find your own self caught up in the story thinking completely one way, but then the ending comes along and huh uh honey, things are not as they appeared. Upon finding myself in a rose garden Tuesday afternoon, dressed rather whimsically in pink, gingham, and polka dots, I thought there would be no better opportunity to recreate a photoshoot inspired by such a scene. Unless of course, I somehow encounter a snowy storm with lots of mirrors and icicles, but let's be realistic, I currently live in Tennessee, so the chances aren't that great. Also, still being realistic when I say I'm head over my little white Ariana Grande heels for this outfit, and might just wear it until the end of time, or until I am gifted some Moschino.

In other news, I met Julian Casablancas this week, so yeahhhhhh it's been a good one. Also, I should mention that he is a wonderful human being both on and off stage. Visual proof over on my Instagram...@tennesseeroseblog.


  1. The shape of that skirt is gorgeous! Love these photos and your blog in general. <3

  2. amazing! the skirt is super cool, and the photos are beautiful :)


    anna from

  3. Wow, this is an absolutely perfect outfit - gorgeous skirt, looks beautiful with the shirt, and love the socks and the shoes. And your photos??? Absolutely stunning. Really beautiful blog :)

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