Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Horror Story: Best Friends Forever

First things first, I need to apologize for my absence this week. After today I'm going to try my hardest to not let more than 3 days pass between a post, pinky promise. However, I am back just in time for Halloween  leave it to me too accidentally schedule this for the day after, with a pretty little horror story/picture film. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and keep scrolling. 

*Note: No, that is not a pre lip surgery/lip liner (whatever you believe) Kylie Jenner, but my friend Brooke. Also, do keep in mind that neither of us are actors, and I am also not a short story writer. Thank You!

Now, Blair had always had a problem with her vision, but as far as her mind let her look back, she remembered being best friends with Emma. They planted their friendship in sleepovers and secrets, and watched it grow like the braids in their hair. 
 (on Brooke: pajamas and leggings: Forever 21, on me: sweatshirt and socks: Forever 21, shorts: urban outfitters)

And, just as a crown symbolizes a queen, they fastened around their necks a matching angel wing. Best friends forever, the promise was made.

 (On Brooke: sweater: vintage, skirt: american apparel, bow: forever 21, shoes: converse. On me: shirt: gap, skirt: american apparel)

But, sometimes, more is promised than what is actually said, and sometimes a promises take on different meaning in each person's head. Blair continued to see Emma talking to others. She saw her smile at them and shake their hands, she saw Emma make other friends. Feeling enraged and betrayed, she began throwing things, trying to un-see the images that were flashing through her mind. Blair, could feel the blood boiling in her veins. Emma broke the rules, and now she must pay. That's when she heard her in the other room, putting on lipstick and spritzing perfume. Blair couldn't let her leave to abandon her again, so she placed a new necklace on the throat of her friend. 

 (On me: shirt: vintage, shorts: american apparel)

Emma, remembered that day all too well. Coming home from work and turning on the television, she felt a cold chill of fear followed by a sigh of relief, as she met the eyes of the girl who had been stalking her for the last 14 years. Suicide, the news reporter said. For unknown reasons, she had slit her throat and bled. Finally, Emma thought, the court dates, the feeling of being watched, the creepy gifts, they would all stop. But, that is where she would be wrong. Restraining orders don't stop the dead, especially when they have such strong delusions in their head. Feeling as though she wasn't alone, Emma felt herself tense up as stiff as a stone. "Best Friends Forever" was whispered in her ear, and behind her stood the worst of her fears.

 (On me: nightgown: vintage)


  1. Love this photo series. <3 The shot with the cards in the air is fantastic! xo

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  3. That's very scary but hella cool. I love the blog vibes and this should totally go on Rookie Mag.
    Hope you're having an amazing weekend,
    Much Love, Karen

  4. Lovely post.

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