Monday, November 3, 2014

Class of the Past

blouse: c/o choies, skirt: american apparel, socks: target, shoes: vintage, ribbon: I honestly don't know

Flashback...Monday... to that time I wore these shoes to school and lost the soles in the hallway (due to dry rotting as vintage pieces sometimes do) and just walked quickly away leaving them there because umm, how embarrassing. I have the worst luck with finding myself in awkward, yet sometimes amusing, situations such as that one. Anyways, the shoes are back because nothing matches this tennis skirt better than a pair of saddles (except for maybe air force ones if you're going for a look full of swag). Also, here's to all the girls out there continuing to make the tacky yet so convenient hair tie around the wrist a fashion statement. I see you.

By the way, how perfect was my friend Andi's house for these pictures? Somehow, the white screened in porch was the perfect setting for a vintage school girl outfit to me. Now, I'm off to make a hot cup of tea and learn to like the taste of cough drops, as I seem to have acquired some sort of sickness. THIS, THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD HAVE NEVERENDINGSUMMERS! Rant over.


  1. amazing photos and also nice look :) i like this red skirt;d


    anna from

  2. I love your outfit - the red skirt, the saddle shoes... perfect. Porch pics are the best pics :)

  3. So blair waldorf.

    Eea P

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