Friday, November 7, 2014


sweater: missguided, shorts: urban outfitters, jacket: forever 21, socks: american apparel, heels: ebay

"Her eyes shine like neon lights. Darling by day. Driver by night."

This outfit is completely inspired by one of my most favorite movie characters, the Driver. (ya know, from Drive).  I won't get into a full character analysis here, but the film portrays him as this bad guy/good guy type, who has a good heart that leads him into violent situations. He also has killer (pun maybe intended?) style that is worthy of emulating. That is exactly what I have tried to do here with my girl version of his simple looks that are yet packed with attitude. So, I paired my ultra femme fuzzy sweater and shorts (which are the best ever as they literally feel as though I am wearing a fleece blanket on my body) with a leather jacket to toughen it up some, and then finished it off with ruffle socks and white heels because I can't imagine pushing the pedal to the metal in a getaway car wearing anything else. Really, I think all this post is missing is some fitted leather gloves and the sounds of an 80's synth. 


  1. This carwash is so cool! I love it

  2. Oh my lord. You look so awesome! This is the best look I've seen in my entire life <3

  3. ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK! Desirae, you have such phenomenal style and you are so courages and confident for pulling off those fuzzy shorts! And you pull them off SO WELL! Love love love your blog and would love to follow each other!

  4. I always like that kind of jacket! Great I heard and saw online that Satch here in Australia is back and on 60% off ( ) even on blazers! I pray that they have same style like that! :)

  5. Awesome leather jacket.

    Eea P