Friday, November 14, 2014

OOTD Lookbook Video

Meanwhile on YouTube... I've been uploading some of my recent outfits in video form. If you liked any of the photos from THIS post, THIS post, or THIS post, just click the above video to see them LIVE! Other videos you should probably be checking out (BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE !...I don't know why I'm talking like an OxyClean commercial, but I agree it has to stop. RIP Billy Mays.)... Ahem, anyways, other videos that you should probably be checking out include Taylor Swift's video for "Blank Space", but it's incredibly beautiful, incredibly well directed, and incredibly styled! WATCH HOW QUICKLY TAYLOR SWIFT CAN ROCK YOUR WORLD! (last time, I promise.) Seriously though, I want every outfit she wears in it. I also want the car she beats up, and the house that she lives in. Santa, you listening?


  1. nice video :)


    anna from

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  3. Love it.

    Eea P