Friday, December 12, 2014

Scholarly Swag

shirt: forever 21, dungarees: miss patina, shoes: B.A.I.T., glasses: bleu dame

Yeah, go ahead and do a double take. It's me, I promise, I just have a special set of eyes on today. (I still laugh at that 1-800-Contacts commercial where they're like "look, look at me with your special eyes.") Back in the day of recess, cafeteria lunches, and riding the school bus my sister started making some bold moves like cutting her hair into a bob and wearing prescription glasses. I swear to you, all of North Hamilton County Elementary was in awe of her new look. If you asked around enough, I'm sure you would've eventually the gotten a "this one time, I saw Natalie with short hair and glasses, so I have short hair and glasses" Mean Girlsesque quote. Having good vision this trend was hard for me to follow, resulting in me trying to punch the lenses out of Dollar Tree sunglasses in my room. Embarrassing. Nowadays, if I want to join in with the fashionable glasses wearing girls, I do it the right way with a cute pair of non prescription clear lens tortoise shell glasses. It's kind of a fun way to switch your look up without having to do too much. Also, how cute are these ruffle dunagrees? I've been eyeing them online for quite sometime, then when they were hit with that sale price I jumped at them. Ballin'! (well, on a budget tho) 

All these pieces together felt kind of vintage scholarly to me. (by the way, I'm looking forw a new book to read if anyone has any suggestions, lemme hear 'em) Like sorta 60's. Sorta funky. Sorta want to play dominoes. You know I'm all about an outfit that takes me to another world. Speaking of which, I saw The Black Keys last night and they took me on musical trip to another beautiful planet. I've got some videos up on my Insta if ya'll wanna check that out, @tennesseeroseblog. 

Sorry for taking so long to get this post up! The holidays are hectic and life can be mean, but I'm back and sticking around. I'm so mad at myself for taking a week to update, when blogging makes me really so happy. Also sorry for having to post some of these pictures where my head is partly cut off or I just look kind of blah, but I was trying to get these pictures without disturbing everyone in the library, so I didn't have much space for my beloved tripod. My apologies.


  1. This look is so fun! I love your top

  2. Great photos! Those dungarees are fantastic. <3

  3. i love your shirt!

  4. wow you are looking gorgeous love this