Monday, December 22, 2014

Heartbreak Milkshake

jacket and top: forever 21, shorts: vintage, tights: target, shoes: converse

You don't know awkward until you find yourself strutting into a diner full of customers one night asking for a birthday cake milkshake and permission to take pictures for your personal style blog. I can usually manage to find locations that don't end up making me the complete center of attention, but in this case, I really just needed the black, white, and red 50's style interior or else this post wouldn't have been everything I wanted it to be. You know what they say, location is everything. In this case though, I only partly agree because I obviously want to talk about the outfit. Gingham in December? Why not. Gingham and polka dots together? Absolutely. My love for mixing prints isn't going anywhere soon people. And of course no winter outfit is complete until I accidentally create a run in a brand new pair of tights. However, it all looks perfectly pulled together under the leather jacket I got out of a hot rod at the drive in the other night...nope never mind it's the one I got at Forever 21. Coulda' sworn! Must be a memory from a past life haha.


  1. These photos are so fun! I love the theme

  2. great look and also photo s:)


    anna from

  3. You are looking amazing and nice pictures