Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Goody Clean Radiance

 Int. Vanity - Morning
As the sun rises, so does she. Sleepily, she makes her way to kitchen, turns on the coffee pot, and grabs the paper from outside the door. After scanning the front page she drops it on the table and places her self in front of the vanity. With ease she powders her face and paints her lips reminding herself that she is nearly out of her favorite red. Turning her attention to her hair she grasps her Goody Clean Radiance brush and begins to tame the tangly mess into a clean set of wavy curls as the sound of a firetruck passes by on the street below.

If you were ever curious about my morning routine, take the above story as a little insight, minus all the snooze button repeating and shaking an empty box of Lucky Charm's hoping there's at least enough left for one more bowl type of issues that I often run into. However, the makeup and hair section of that is spot on as every morning I find myself staring into the mirror and putting my face on one fluffy brush at a time. As for my hair, it varies day to day how I like it done. From curls to bouffants to its natural pin straight, depending on my mood which means there is also the occasional messy bun, I do it all. Scroll through the archives of my blog and you'll notice that this short little hair style I've got going on is actually quite new. For most of my life I've kept my hair rather long, at one point it nearly touched my hips, which in hindsight was probably a little too long considering I do not have the hair of a Disney princess. For years, I wouldn't let the hair stylist cut off much more than an inch at each visit so I could hold onto my length as much as I could. I felt so feminine with it, I wasn't sure how I would feel, or as silly as it might sound who exactly I would feel like without it. Time passed though as it always does and I started to wonder what I might look like with short hair. I have to give Taylor Swift a lot of credit for sparking my interest, as well as Betty Draper. It took some convincing, I wanted to be sure I wasn't abandoning my aesthetic or blindly making a decision I would regret as soon as the scissors took their first snip. Isn't it strange us humans can be so afraid to change something that will easily grow back? Like cutting it would be crossing into some point of no return or something. After many pep talks with myself and some encouragement from my friends, I decided it needed to be done. How could I ever make big changes in my life if I was unable to find the courage to simply cut my hair? With this thought in mind, I had it chopped off, and I haven't looked back yet. In fact, I start getting antsy when I think it is ready for a trim because I don't want it to get "too long". As silly as it may seem having short hair has really helped me to embrace who I want to be, grow my aesthetic, and give me a new confidence I didn't know I had until then. One excuse I used to use for keeping long hair was because you can do so much with it, but I've found that I haven't lost that with short hair like I feared. With my short hair I have explored several different ways of curling it, retro inspired up-dos, and even a better bouffant since it doesn't have as much weight on the ends pulling it down. Through all of these YouTube tutorials and random experimentation, I've kept the Goody Clean Radiance brush as close as possible. Being that it is made with copper bristles it helps to reduce natural build up that your hair produces over time leaving it looking cleaner, healthier, and more radiant. Ya'll know I'm not the type to shampoo everyday or my hair will lose any volume it may have, so the Clean Radiance brush is the best way for me to give my hair that just washed clean shine that I like, while still leaving it strong enough to style. Plus, I know it goes without saying, but the white and copper design is seriously chic and fits so well amongst all of the other items kept on my vanity. If you're wanting to try it for yourself, good news, Goody Clean Radiance is sold at your local Walmart. So, while its good enough to want to travel far for, you don't even have to!

*While this is a sponsored post all thoughts and opinions are solely my own! :)

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