Sunday, February 21, 2016

Morning, Sunshine.

Int. Apartment - Morning 
Steam rises from her freshly poured coffee as she waits on it to cool. Her face is buried in the morning news, save for the glimpse we get when it's time to turn the page. Reaching the puzzle section, she folds the edges and bites the cap off of a pen and gets to work. 

Good morning! Well, currently it's night, but let's improv shall we? I was recently inspired by the mattress experts at Casper (<- click for more) to talk about how I recover from a long night out for National Margarita Day. Seeing this as an opportunity to spend one morning simply making waffles and sipping coffee without guilt, of course I accepted! 

Imagine, it's Saturday morning about 8:30, and while you don't have immediate plans, you do have to get up and moving before it gets too late in the day. The catch? You shouldn't have had that last glass of champagne and now you're not sure if the sun glaring through your windows is actually that, or the universe's attempt to kill you. Eh, yolo.

So, operation "I Woke Up Like This" begins.

1. Breathe deep. It hurts now, but it will be ok. Roll over and get out of bed.
2. Coffee. And water. This is your life line. Skip this step and the rest is nearly useless.
3. Take your time, read the paper, scroll on your phone, sit on on a balcony and stare out over the city if you are lucky enough to have such a thing/view.
4. When you are feeling up to it - food. Also very important or your day is likely to feel a lot less energetic than it should. I recommend a basic yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and granola, which can be totally stepped up with a splash of rose water or lavender extract mixed in. Toast with blueberry vanilla goat cheese topped with sliced straw berries. But mostly, I say go big for waffles. Super sugary and perfect like, these.
5. More coffee, or trade that second cup in for a real Holly Golightly approved move like mixing champagne with a bit of blue curaƧao and simple syrup.
6. After this, I'll try to find a way to get in an hour of ballet at a local studio's morning class. Or, run, which is less enjoyable but works. Or, just a nice hot shower with a bluetooth speaker that is maybe probably most likely waking up my neighbors. 

If this doesn't work...well, sounds like a Netflix day to me.
For more information on Casper, visit their site here, and to see tips from other bloggers view their Pinterest, here.

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