Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hold, please.

A quick chiming sound leaves the phone as she drops it back onto the hook and falls back onto the couch and clicks her fingernails while contemplating the conversation that was just had.

Some pieces of clothing you spend days deciding whether you really want them, and yet with others, you don't even think twice. The latter, is how I felt about this particular jumpsuit. It just feels like the perfect mix of Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly with the structured pants and lace detailed top (I added the gold chain necklaces for a dash of Lana del Rey). Have to say those are ladies that I certainly don't mind looking or feeling like, in fact, that's probably when I'm looking/feeling my best.

Speaking of ladies I admire, there has been so much girl power going on in the world today, and for that I am hella overjoyed. But, we need more. Remember, no matter what anyone or anything tell you, all humans, including women are valuable and have so much to contribute to society. Keep going, darlings. There is still so much to do!

Jumpsuit: Tobi
Shoes: eBay
Necklaces: Vintage and Target


  1. This is such a glam look, I love the old phone and mirror

  2. I love all these looks!!!That outfit is fantastic and the colors look great.