Monday, February 24, 2014


 leotard: Motionwear, skirt: american apparel, socks: urban outfitters, boots: forever 21, flower crown: me

I must admit I feel like a bit of a woodland fairy in this outfit, which of course is a wonderful feeling to me. I love the thought of being lost in the woods, soaking up the sunshine, and dreaming beneath the shade of the forest trees. Today, this daydream was encouraged by sounds of Of Monsters and Men echoing through my apartment. Every time I hear Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir's voice I become more and more convinced that she may truly be a woodland fairy, especially in the song I've posted below, King and Lionheart. Tell me, if you don't feel as though you're running free through a maze of trees, splashing through cold clear rivers decorated with mossy rocks, or standing at the top of a mountain with your head thrown backwards and outstretching your arms soaking in the sun, but even more so freedom.

Now, to the outfit. Here I am turning dance wear into ready to wear, one of my most favorite styling habits. I honestly feel the most beautiful when I am in ballet class, and I have to say, I find leotards extremely comfortable. This one if my favorite though, because of the cute strappy design on the back. It pairs quite well with the flower crown and American Apparel chiffon skirt don't you think? Of course, it is a little chilly outside today, so when I left the house I added this leather jacket, and the boots worn in the first picture.


  1. Simply gorgeous! Love the flower crown


  2. This makes me incredibly happy. I thought I was the only one who turns my ballet-wear into fashion. I love this on you... You look like fairy for sure.

  3. Lovely blog you have!
    You have a follower more.