Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunny Saturday

sweater: target, shorts: american apparel, tights and hairbow: forever 21, shoes: old navy

 Like everyone else, I love me a good sunny Saturday. Especially, when it's filled with Mexican food and white chocolate mocha. High waisted shorts and a simple sweater, t-shirt, button up, etc. is my go to outfit for a lunch/coffee outing no matter what time of year it is. Now, I'm back home trying to resist watching House of Cards. Pace yourself, Desirae, pace yourself. I have a new 1 episode a week rule that I'm trying to follow so I don't watch them all right away and then get that weird "what am I supposed to watch now?!?!?!" feeling. But really, I need to know what the rest of evil mastermind Kevin Spacey's plan contains, and who will have to feel his wrath next....


  1. High waisted shorts are always great.

  2. Love those shorts on you. I am currently on the hunt for some good high waisted shorts too. It can be a challenge, so congrats to you.