Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pin Up

top and shorts: vintage, shoes: ebay, sunglasses: asos

Here in Tennessee, we don't have easy access to a beach. We do however several lakes, rivers, and creeks to make up for it. Occasionally, someone will get the great idea to pour sand around the banks and create a "beach" in a sense. While it doesn't come with the sound of rolling ocean waves, you still get the sunshine, fresh air, and free pedicure that comes along with keeping your toes in the sand.

Besides all that, I thought the fake beach location fit my pin up inspired outfit quite well. I luckily happened upon this bustier and shorts at an insanely cute vintage store, The Family Jewels, on my trip to New York City. As soon as I tried them on, images of Betty Grable and Veronica Lake began flashing through my head and I was sold. That and the fact that they actually fit! I've always had a hard time finding real vintage pieces that fit just right, so when these did, I knew we were a matched made in different eras. I only wonder who it was that wore these before me. Now, THAT should be a reality show. The ancestry of your vintage clothing. Somebody, pitch that to TLC.

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