Sunday, August 10, 2014

Storm Warning

hat, boots, jacket:forever 21, romper: missguided

Hot. Dusty. Free. God, I love August. It's always got me feelin' some type of way, which is probably what spurred me to throw on this slinky floral/lace romper and floppy hat with my leather jacket and boots. Wearing the perfect amount of pretty and tough I felt all set to hop on the back of a motorcycle and ride off with the wind in my hair and dust at my heels. While I may not be lacking in imagination, I am lacking a Harley, which toned down my fantasy to me taking pictures and chasing the sunset on my own two feet. Welp, guess these boots were made for walkin. 


  1. Thanks to visit my blog:)
    Love outfit and photos, xx.

  2. Really cool romper. I love the floral pattern as well as the lace which gives it a lingerie look. :] // ☼

  3. Love this outfit! This romper is adorable!

  4. really awesome romper. I really like the flower design as well as the ribbons which gives it a underwear look. copy of popular movie jackets