Friday, August 1, 2014

wander with me, wonder with me

shirt: forever 21, shorts and socks: american apparel, shoes: target, hat: missguided

I know just about every blogger on the Internet has been spotted wearing a pair of sunflower shorts this summer, but I've been obsessed with these since I bought them last year and I can't help but continually re wear them. Plus, it was an easy outfit to pair my fedora with since my hair was doing anything but working. 

Anyways, after a long and stressful day I decided to spend the last few hours of it wandering and wondering through the woods. As it turned out, the walk was good for my mind but bad for my pictures, as I took them right before dark and that always messes with the sharpness and coloring. Sometimes though you just need some alone time to recollect yourself, and I've always found nature to be a good place to go for that. Guess it's that whole "lose yourself, find yourself" concept. Currently, I'm losing myself to tumblr and Talenti. That sea salt caramel though!

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  1. Real cute outfit! Love it :)

    Shelf and closet!