Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Denim and Dots

button up and tights: forever 21, shorts: made by me, shoes: old navy

It's sunny outside and I feel so much more alive! I have no idea where the warm weather came from (especially considering not even a week ago there was 9 inches of snow on the ground), but I do hope it's here to stay! Cloudy winter days can be pretty, and the beauty of the mountains when the leaves change can really leave you breathless, but still, I live for summer.Which, is probably exactly why I ended up in a tied up denim shirt, polka dot shorts, and a red lip. As soon as I realized how warm it was outside my thoughts started drifting to bright red ragtops, milkshakes, and juke boxes filled with invitations to dance. Considering it is only February though, I should probably not get too carried away with thinking this weather is permanent. Resist packing up your sweaters, Desirae, resist! 


  1. OMG too cute! I am glad it is warm enough to do outfit posts where you are. I postponed mine when the polar vortex happened. Ha.


  2. Your shorts with the lace trim are adorable! I wish I was certain about the good weather. It has only frozen ONE day this winter, and we didn't have any snow yet, which is totally weird and unnatural for our Belgian climate. But hey, I ain't complaining. Hopefully, our summer will still be good though... xo