Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll

 flannel: jc penney's, tshirt: music midtown, tights and jacket: forever 21, shorts: thrifted, shoes: asos

Pardon my grunginess today! Even I'm quite amused at the 90's garage band groupie vibes I'm throwing off today. Somewhere between getting a late start to my morning and sticking my bottom lip out about the cold weather making an unexpected return I found myself piling on layers consisting of tights, a t-shirt, and an always cozy flannel. Maybe not my most fashionable moment, but hey. Luckily, I still made time to do my make up so I wouldn't be walking around looking completely like Eddie Vedder. Well, since we are apparently doing a grunge theme today, that may as well be continued in the music choice. I first saw Deap Valley when they opened for an Arctic Monkeys show a few months back. I had been waiting in line for quite a long time to be able to get front row spots for the show and pretty much had the attitude of "ugh, I hope the opening act plays quickly." However, that all changed when Deap Vally actually came out. First, I was impressed by the lead singer's awesome bangs. I have always always always wanted to have cool bangs like those, my hair is just so thin it never quite turns out right. Sigh. (not to mention I was dying over her pairing of a sparkly bustier and cut off denim shorts, so cool!)  Anyways, as they began playing I was so into their west coast rock 'n roll girl power vibes I found myself head banging and yelling to my friend "these girls are great!". Since then I've hit the download button on their music and had numerous "I'm sure the neighbors hate me" jam sessions to it.


  1. Love this look! Huge fan of the grunge look to be honest.....

    Your shorts are so cute! I can never find anything half decent when I go thrifting I must be cursed or something.


  2. Nothing wrong with a little grunge. Ever.