Tuesday, March 11, 2014


skort, shirt, jacket: +Forever 21 Forever 21 , socks: target, boots: asos

I absolutely did not intend for these pictures to be inside today! It's so pretty outside today I took my camera with me when I went out earlier today, set my tripod up, adjusted the angles, the zoom, everything, then sure enough I push the shutter button and it informs me that I had left my memory card at home. Of course, of course. Anyways, I think might be a true statement that I have been wearing outfits like this since 1992. I can definitely remember being about that skort life in elementary school, and turns out I still am, especially in a beautiful pink floral print like this one. Add a black and white striped t-shirt, which judging by the fact that I own three of them is my favorite top to pair with most anything. Plus, florals and stripes are just such a playful combination. They match but they don't, and I think that's the greatness of it. Judging by the youthfulness of this outfit, you can probably guess that my soundtrack for today has been quite similar...and you would be right. Sometimes you need some silly pop music to brighten your day, and no one does it better than good ole JT.


  1. Cute! I was about that skort life in elementary school as well... That was all I wore! Pleated skorts!!! Hahaha


  2. Haha, skorts ruled my life in the 90s. Love the prints together. Black and white stripes call to me too. I have a shirt kinda like yours (wearing today!), a dress, and a cardigan.


  3. You are too cute girl! You can never go wrong with stripes :)
    xo TJ


  4. Really enjoy this mixed print outfit!
    Liz, xo