Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 top: fossil, high wasited jeans: abercrombie & fitch, shoes: old navy

When you think back to something considered timeless, it is usually something fairly simple. I don't mean simple as in boring, I mean simple as in it's all that it needs to be, just by being itself. It doesn't need massive amounts of embellishments or added attention grabbers. The one thing that it does or is, is simple enough to last through generations of people. It can't go "out", because it is what is looked to to determine what is "in". Even when it is called old fashioned, it is done so as a compliment, for people are often looking back at it for inspiration. Just as when I move the tone arm to the left and begin to hear a crackle followed Frank Sinatra's voice, I am going through the same motions that people years before have gone through, and am enjoying the same sounds that they themselves enjoyed . His music, and himself, are timeless, a classic. It is still considered great, and looked back on by many people in today's world. It doesn't need tons of auto tune or dance beats to compete with the music of today. It's simplicity has kept it around, made it an inspiration, and speaks to people today the same way it did when it was first created. This genuine, well done, simplicity is what will make it last for all of the generations to come. And this same trait is what allows a simple top with a simple bottom, simple shoes, and a simple strand of pearls to stay in. While I may have done it in a modern way with jeans and a lacey t-shirt, rather than a modest top with a knee length skirt, it is certainly reminiscent of a vintage silhouette, a classic.


  1. I totally agree. Sometimes engaging in classic styles and activities makes me feel more centered or grounded. That's a beautiful shirt too, and I love your wall with lanterns and poms. :)

  2. great pictures

  3. Your background is amazing! I love the fluffy flowers and your vinyl player! I bought my bf one for his birthday and I love the sound that comes out of them. So much better than my tinny sounding Iphone.

    Emma x