Thursday, September 18, 2014

Because, you are my flower.

dress: the white pepper, shoes: asos, socks: urban outfitters, hat: missguided

I often think, that humans aren't all that different from flowers. Turning our faces to the sun, we stare out windows from propped up elbows like stems, and feel a sense of being when we step out for some fresh air. Maybe, the whole world is a garden after all?

I am proud to say that I am officially an owner of a The White Pepper dress. I have been lusting over the brand for what seems like ever, but just haven't ordered anything before because of international shipping and all that, but hey look who finally took the plunge! Anyways, it's gingham, and has that cute baby doll fit that makes me feel like spinning, while also allowing me to whatever I want that day and completely hides any trace of a bloated food baby. I would also like to acknowledge that this is my first time breaking out the knee socks since cool weather last left us. As sad as I am to see summer go, I am excited to begin creating outfits with what is my favorite accessory, except for flower crowns.

In other news, tomorrow is the beginning of Music Midtown, and I will be heading down to see some of my favorites Iggy, Lorde, Jack White, and I still haven't completely wrapped my mind around this one, but LANA DEL REY! Dreams come true people. Dreams come true.


  1. Such a pretty, versatile dress! Love the hat paired with it here, such unique spins on classics! And what pretty rainbowish lighting in some of these :) Sometimes photo sessions are kinda magical!

    <3 Megan

  2. amazing! the dress is super cool and I love your style :)


    anna from

  3. I love this gingham dress so cute!! :)

  4. You look incredibly pretty in that outfit. The hat, the black stockings, the shoes, the braided hair... And do I even need to mention the White Pepper dress? :) xx