Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fashion in Film: Cheryl Strayed

For about the first 10 seconds of Wild's trailer I wasn't watching because it sounded like something I wanted to see, but more because seeing Reese Witherspoon traipsing around in the outdoors is well, pretty unusual. However, somewhere between those first seconds and the last two minutes I had already fallen for the cinematography  and had become somewhat confused yet intrigued by the plot line.  So, there are movies you go to because you are excited to see them and just know that you're going to love, and then there's those you go to just because it  looks interesting enough, so why not. Sometimes, those why not movies can be some of the biggest surprises, which is exactly what Wild was to me. 

Wild, follows a hopeless, destructive, yet determined Cheryl Strayed as she begins a journey of healing and self discovery through hiking the PCT. The story is told through both real time events and flashbacks to help answer the question that is repeatedly asked, "Why, Cheryl, do you have to walk 1,000 miles?" Wild, is honest enough to answer the main question, but also smart enough to leave your mind wondering about so many different aspects of the story that you drive home creating a list of questions you will ask Cheryl if you ever meet her one day (or that's what I did...). As I mentioned before, I was in love with the cinematography which gave us close ups into Cheryl's desperate face, stunning landscape views, and scenes that left you well...feeling...feelings. All of the different kinds. My favorite? Cheryl and several other heroin junkies are high on the street while one man dances in overalls and broad daylight. It odd, and I found it hauntingly beautiful.

As for the costume design, Cheryl is most often wearing hiking clothes (duh) suiting whatever weather she is dealing with in the scene. She does have cute hiking boots. Also, there are flashbacks where we get to see her in some grungy clothes which she has probably worn days, a classy outfit for when she is at a hotel bar, and her work uniform for the diner. Below, I have tried to piece together some wearable outfits for today inspired by all of those scenes. All of the clothing pieces are either from Topshop, Boohoo, or Modcloth.

All in all, Wild is a very well directed/dressed/filmed/edited/acted movie that happens to be very inspiring and does exactly what it seeks to do which is put you in the way of beauty. Go see it, humans.

Cheryl Strayed

wild scenes


  1. Great post !
    Love the style ideas

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  2. Thanks for posting this! I love the therapy scene outfit lots <3