Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday: a day where you are tied to zero responsibilities and are free to spend the next 24 hours as you puhleaze. Different types of weeks call for different types of action on a Sunday Funday, resulting in of course, an array of outfit choices. Below I've chosen two popular ways to spend this miniature holiday, and what to spend it in.

Ladylike Instincts

We've all been here, you worked all week, and then just when the rest of the world took a break you had to be the one to work all weekend. You've considered breaking your i-phone to cease the ringing. You're pretty much blind from the extra hours of staring at a glaring computer screen. You haven't had anything to eat other than cereal or something that was bought of a cart for the last two days. And you catch yourself looking out at the city lights and feeling maybe a little jealous? Girl, you need a night out. Now, that you've gotten caught up on all your work, pick out an outfit like this bustier/high waist pant combo that is equal parts sophisticated and fun, turning you into a modern Audrey Hepburn for the night. Pair it with some black pointed heels, classy accessories, and swipe on a cat eye (and ears!) and go have yourself some fun!

let them be lazy
Not feeling the whole going out thing? That's ok, sometimes you need a day to recover before starting the week over again. Stay dressed to rest by stripping down to your skivvies and layering with nothing but a cozy pajama top and fur blanket. You're not going anywhere, but you still look good. Go ahead, and burn some candles, drench yourself in sugary smelling lotion, and let yourself fall into a couple of episodes of Californication. Yes, Netflix, we're still watching.

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