Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January OOTD Lookbook

What we have here, is a project that I thought would only take about a day, but in reality ended up taking about a week. (Hence, the lack of posts this week. Ugh!) I began using Final Cut Pro X, and found there to be quite the learning curve from Windows Movie Maker. However, I think I have pretty much mastered the basics now, and look forward to creating more and more interesting videos. I'll also be prepared with other content so that there isn't some random week long hiatus. Anyways, as I've said before I really love making videos, as it really brings the outfit to life, and since most all of my outfits are inspired by stories or cinema I love the opportunity to actually set the scene and give my outfit characters some life. So, hope you enjoy this video, and I've made a goal to make one once a week, so watch this space along with my YouTube channel. In case you missed these posts previously, I've linked each one below shown in correlation to their appearance in the video. (Correlation? That reminds me of statistics...remind me never to use the word again.)

Look 1: Dancer at Dawn

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  1. the video is super cute:)


    anna from http://stylelovely.com/mimundonormal/