Monday, February 16, 2015

Diners and Drive-Ins Lookbook

Hello humans! I'm coming to you from a week full of rain, ice, and sleet to bring you a new  lookbook comprised of two of my favorite 50's inspired posts, Heartbreak Milkshake and Drive-In Darling. Plus, they both had the same color scheme, so it just felt right. Red, white, and black, are apparently my favorite colors for eating french fries and sipping milkshakes. Anyways, I'm really hoping the bad weather lets up some tomorrow so I can get out and take some pictures...and just get out of my house in general, honestly. Until then, I'll just have myself another cup of tea. See ya in a day or two! Promise!

Oh, on a side note, I know that I'm still new to the whole video thing, but if anyone reading this is old to it, then feel free to share any advice that you might have with me, as I really am trying to improve my skills and keep my videos from being the same old same old. Thank you in advance!